Last Updated:= (Source:Karachi Saraf Jewellers Association ) Date 28, January, 2023
Gold 24K per 10 Grams Rs. 109,482 USD $630.73
Gold 24K per Tola Rs.128,600 USD $713.52
Gold 22K per 10 Grams Rs. 100,359 USD $560.75
Gold 22K per Tola Rs.117,883 USD $654.05
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Get an idea about the gold rate in Pakistan today, 2021.

Considering that the new series of rupee will lose value as soon as it enters circulation. Some reports indicate that bank employees have been attacked because they refuse to exchange the gold coins for their new notes. You can call it a wise precaution. 

Developers are offering long-term contracts to buy land from the government for a low price, while the government has already started selling land for a low price. Gold is a good investment, but real estate is better than gold. Today if you want to buy it. 

Per Tola Rate in Pakistan

In addition to being for sale, these properties can serve as collateral for loans should you require one in the future. Furthermore, although gold prices have risen recently, land prices have fallen significantly.

Therefore, an acre of land has gone down since the rupee devalued. Gold is a better investment than Property for the following reasons:

Gold Rates

We all know that gold has always remained one of the best investments in Pakistan to perform. Pakistani women are fond of wearing jewelry pieces made from gold material. In short, gold is not less than cash.

But the gold rate in Pakistan is something that is never fixed. It is something you might look at as fluctuating and hence changing all the time. The rate of gold in the market is hence basically based on the current price of the Dollar is.

There is no fluctuation in property prices 

Thus, the gold is all categorized based on quality and grade. In the market of Pakistan, the 24K and 22K gold are all sold. 

Major Reasons why Investing in Gold is better than Property Investment Since the introduction of the new currency, the Pakistani government has advised people to be cautious with gold purchases.

Gold Rate in Pakistan

It is generally measured as per the tola gold rate in Pakistan today and 10 grams weight. Jewelry of gold is often seen to be making with some huge costs based on the design or the product you are purchasing or investing in.

If we talk about the current price, then the current gold rate in the Pakistan market is Rs. 103,000 per 10 grams and Rs. 120,100 per tola. These rates are set the same in all cities of Pakistan.

Comparison Table on Gold Rates in Major cities of Pakistan Now let's talk about the per tola gold rate in Pakistan today of a few major cities, i.e., Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, and Peshawar. Here we have a table discussion for you below.

Major Reasons why Investing in Gold is better

Unlike per tola gold rate in Pakistan, real estate values are not speculation. Land prices haven't increased even though gold prices have risen dramatically. You will still be able to successfully sell your Property even if Pakistan's per tola gold rate has risen or is about to fall. 

Property is in high demand

Governments, corporations, and other large organizations usually buy land. Because of this, they can buy large tracts of land. Because gold is typically used to make jewelry and other accessories, its demand is quite limited. 

As a result, per tola gold rate in Pakistan fluctuates a lot, rising and falling quickly. As a result, gold is difficult to predict in terms of per tola gold rate in Pakistan in the future, which makes it a lousy investment.

There is a Rate of High Profit 

Property prices somehow do not fluctuate as often as the gold rate in Pakistan today, so it is easy to determine how much profit you will eventually make from each transaction. A $1,000 piece of land will earn $1,000 if the price increases to $2,000 after purchasing it. 

For instance, if the gold rate in Pakistan today rises from $3,000 to $4000, you'll make $500, rather than the higher price you were hoping for. Although this is a significant difference, it's also true that the future gold rate in Pakistan, 22k per tola, cannot be predicted. 

Major Cities in Pakistan

28, January, 2023
Karachi Rs. 125,850 Rs. 115392 +0.4%
Lahore Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 +1.3%
Faisalabad Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 -0.9%
Rawalpindi Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 +2.2%
Gujranwala Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 +3.75%
Peshawar Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 -2.88%
Multan Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 +0.4%
Hyderabad Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 +1.3%
Islamabad Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 -0.9%
Quetta Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 +2.2%
Bahawalpur Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 +3.75%
Sargodha Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 -2.88%

Major Cities in Pakistan

28, January, 2023
Sialkot Rs. 125,850 Rs. 115392 +0.4%
Sukkur Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 +1.3%
Larkana Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 -0.9%
Rahim Yar Khan Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 +2.2%
Sheikhupura Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 +3.75%
Jhang Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 -2.88%
Dera Ghazi Khan Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 +0.4%
Gujrat Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 +1.3%
Sahiwal Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 -0.9%
Khanewal Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 +2.2%
Mardan Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 +3.75%
Kasur Rs.125,850 Rs.115392 -2.88%

What is Per Tola Gold Rate
in Pakistan today?

We all know that Pakistan has become popular as the net importer of gold. If the rate of gold has increased in the international market, then it is obvious that the price will be increased equally in the Pakistan market.

All Sindh Saraf Jewellers Association (ASSJA) is responsible for determining the price of gold in the Pakistan market. They arrange the gold rate per tola in Pakistan today for the local markets six days per week, from Monday to Saturday.

Besides the change in the international price, the parity in the rupee-dollar will also cause an impact on the local gold rate per tola in Pakistan today.

How to Invest in Gold rate in Pakistan?

Generally, the gold demand in the Pakistan market takes place due to two major sources. These are the jewelry markets and the investors. To invest in gold, you can have it purchased in different forms. This can be either bullion coin forms or the bullion bar.

In addition, collectible gold coins can often be a feasible option. You can often use gold jewelry as a major investment and not for adornment purposes. Below, we have discussed a few interesting ways to invest gold in Pakistan.

Gold Mining Stocks

Investing in gold mining stocks is quite similar to investing in the stock market. But the difference comes in looking for the companies involved in selling gold mining stocks. The way these stocks will hence perform will be based on the gold rate in Pakistan today 2021.
· Physical Gold 
Investing in some physical gold pieces is the oldest method towards gold investment. If you are buying gold, you are performing gold investment. Therefore, physical gold is divided into various types: bars, coins, and jewelry. 
· Gold Bars and Coins
Coins and gold bars are quite similar to one another. But they are generally made from pure gold and do not comprise any charges. To invest in some physical gold, choosing coins and gold bars are the profitable options to consider. 


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Right through this guide, we have given you all the details about the gold price in Pakistan and why you should invest in it. Now you decide why investing in gold rate in Pakistan is the best option than the property investment. 

You should research the gold rate per tola in Pakistan gold products and see which one is great in investment measures for the profitable future. Go for it now!

Today Gold Rate